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Loïc Rossi

PhD Student in LATMOS
Laboratoire ATmosphères Milieux et Observations Spatiales
Département IMPEC (Instrumentation, Modélisation en Planétologie, Exobiologie et Comètes)
Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Office 1309
11 boulevard d'Alembert
78280 Guyancourt, France
Phone : (+33) 01 80 28 52 82
E-Mail : loic.rossi(at)
@AstroLR on Twitter

Welcome to my personnal webpage!

This webpage tells a bit more about what I do in LATMOS, in UVSQ and in science in general. I will try to put all my presentations and posters, and other publications as much as possible, and as long as I don't forget! If you're looking for something that is not on these pages, feel free to send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to help you.

Research activities :

I am a PhD student working on the cloud layers of Venus, by studying them with the polarization data of the SPICAV-IR spectrometer. I am working under the supervision of Franck Montmessin and Emmanuel Marcq.

Since 1929, polarization has been used to characterize Venus' clouds and hazes refractive index, size and distribution. Most of our knowledge is based on measurements and modelisation made by Lyot, Hansen and Hovenier, Kawabata and Sato with ground and space observation. Our goal here is to make new measurements using the polarimetric data provided by the instrument SPICAV on Venus Express.

Before this page gets a bit more developped, I invite you to download my EGU 2015 Poster which summarises it.

You can also follow my sciency adventures on Twitter! You can also visit my blog.

My PhD on the STEP (Signalement des Thèses En Préparation). [top]


You'll find a more detailed coverage of my curriculum on my LinkedIn page, or with this PDF version! [top]

Publications and communications :

My publications and communications on Google Scholar

See also my publications on the Latmos website

Outreach :

I try to share my research and affection for science through the social media, such as Twitter and my blog.

I'm also responsible for the Twitter account of the Planetary and solar system sciences division of the EGU (@EGU_PS).


Teaching activities :

I am one of the writers of a project called Sciences pour les exoplanètes et les systèmes planétaires (SESP) which aims to provide content for online lectures on planetary sciences, including exoplanets. These documents could then be used as a support for class teaching, or for online formations or for people interested in self-learning. As an illustration, they aim to be quite similar to what Paris Observatory has done with Fenêtres sur l'Univers or Astronomie et mécanique céleste. For more details, visit the ESEP website

I've also had some teaching experience in the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines during laboratory sessions (electrocinetics and optics) and mechanics tutorials for first year students. I also gave physics tutorials to first year medecine students.


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This PhD thesis is funded by the LABEX ESEP (N°2011-LABX-030). I also thank the State and the ANR for their support through the « Investissements d'Avenir » programme.

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